Eat, Stay, Do | Guadeloupe

This stunning group of five islands is a perfect place to get lost and recharge your batteries. A French-speaking paradise, Guadeloupe is a romantic combination of Caribbean and European charm. The rolling hills and gorgeous blue waters will most likely be water first attracts you to the destination, but the food, friendly people people and wide selection of hotels, resorts and villas will keep you coming back.


Kote Sud - $$$

Known for it's fresh lobster and conch, this restaurant offers a Caribbean dining experience that is perfect for visitors, but also serves Creole and French dishes that the locals love. Not overpriced, Kote Sud does a great job of offering a fine dining experience while keeping costs reasonable and leave you wanting more. 

Located in St. Anne, the restaurant is a bit off the beaten path, so ask for directions or hop in a cab!


Le Zagaya - $$

With your feet in the sand, and a beautiful sea view, this is possibly the best place in Guadeloupe for seafood and fine wine on the beach. The menu is fine, but not pretentious, and the staff are always friendly and helpful. The restaurant is open every day except for Wednesday, and you may want to call ahead for reservations.


La Savane  - $

Everything is home made and the chef incorporates local flavours into all of the menu items. This spot is picturesque and a perfect place for a quick bite while not breaking the bank. The fish is fantastic, but what really makes this place special are the deserts, which are also infused with local flavours.

This restaurant is closed on Wednesday, but open for lunch and dinner every other day.



Le M Hotel de Charme - $

You won't feel like you're on a budget when staying at Le M Hotel. Surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of nature, this is a peaceful retreat that you wont forget. It's just a short walk down to the beach, where you can bask in the sun or cool off in the sea. The restaurant is small, but charming and offers enough variety to keep you satisfied and content during your stay in paradise.

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The Hotel Amaudo - $$

About 45 minutes from the airport, this 10 room hotel overlooks the bay “Anse à la Barque” outside the city centre of Saint-François. Known for its attention to details, this hotel is a true slice of peaceful paradise, surrounded by gorgeous gardens and boasts incredible views of the sea. The infinity pool is also a highlight, which overlooks the sea and is the perfect spot to cool down and just soak in the Caribbean vibes.

Le Toubana - $$$

Stay in a bungalow by the sea, with a private balcony and exception view of the sea. You will also have access to the spa services, which will ensure that you have the most relaxing stay possible. The restaurant on the resort is also top notch, but the private beach is what really sells this location. The strip of white sand is inside a cove that makes the waters still and clear, great for swimming and snorkelling.



Carbet Falls

If you're up for a hike through the Caribbean Jungle, then be sure to set aside one afternoon to see Carbet Falls. There are actually two sets of falls, the second being just a short hike from the first. It will be worth the additional hike to see both. Bring a waterproof camera and some good hiking shoes!


Pointe de Chateaux

Guadeloupe is full of natural beauty and opportunity for great photo taking. The best place in the country to get some really beautiful pics is Pointe de Chateaux. But its not just another sight seeing spot, you'll find a small artisan village and even a little shack that sells coconut sorbet. Bring a little bit of cash in case you see any crafts and souvenirs you like!


Petit Terre

This small island is a short boat ride from the larger islands, and is part of the complete experience of Guadeloupe. Most visitors who decide to make the trip will say that this is the area with the best snorkelling in the country. You may even spot whales or dolphins on the way to the tiny island. The beach here is also amazing, but try to spend as much time in the water as possible.


Canyoning and Repelling

There are a few companies that offer this tour, so if you're feeling adventurous, book a day trip and make some amazing memories. You'll repel down waterfalls, hike through the rainforest and splash down waterslides, and jump from 20 feet into a natural pool of water. It's a bit of a workout, but it will be part of your trip that you'll never forget.

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La Maison du Cacao

This attraction is a small museum surrounded by a picturesque botanic garden, that shows visitors how cacao is harvested and transformed into chocolate. You'll be shown the processes, but more importantly, you'll be able to taste the cacao and it's finished products, like coffee and cake!


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