10 Things To Do In Cayman That Are Completely Free

It's often considered one of the most expensive Caribbean islands to visit and to live on and yes, there are swanky, upscale restaurants and luxury yachts you can tan on, but the Cayman Islands actually has a lot on offer for the more curious traveler, and you don't even need to bring your wallet. Here's a list of some of our favorite things to do without splurging your holiday cash in one go.

1. Observation Tower, Camana Bay

Climb to the top of the 75-foot Observation tower in Camana Bay for gorgeous 360-degree views across the island. It's the only place on the island you can see all of the districts and it doesn't cost a cent.



2. Take a dip at Smith Cove

This popular cove in South Sound is a great place to jump off the rocks into the clear waters or simply sit back and admire the scenery under the cool shade of sea grape trees.

Smith Cove_Cayman.jpg

3. Watch the sunset

There's a sunrise and a sunset every day and in the Cayman Islands they happen to be absolutely stunning. Catch the sun melting into the ocean at Sunset House in South Sound or anywhere along Seven Mile Beach.



4. Play volleyball on the beach

If you're tired of being a beach bum and you want to get some exercise in, take to the sandy courts at Public Beach or Royal Palms on Seven Mile Beach, both are free to the public.



5. See some art at the National Gallery

See some of the unique local art at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, just off Esterly Tibbetts Highway. Stroll around the floral gardens and different exhibits and learn about Caymanian heritage at the same time.

Jason Kennedy Art_National Gallery


6. Stroll along Seven Mile Beach

You could spend the whole day meandering along this world famous shoreline and still not tire of the mesmerizing shifting blue hues. Stroll along this glistening beach with the water gently lapping at your feet or find a shady spot to just sit and chill out in true Cayman style. 

Seven Mile Beach_Cayman Islands


7. Go see the blow holes in East End

It may cost you in gas, but a trip out east in well worth the price. Stop off at Lover's Wall and the blow holes near Frank Sound Road to witness the sea spray up to 20 ft above the ground.

Blow Holes, East End


8. Stop by the Fish Market in George Town

Watch fishermen prepare their daily catch right on the waterfront in George Town. A window to the rich Caymanian history and heritage, the fish market is full of locals busily exchanging their seafaring stories and preparing their daily catch.

FIsh Market, George Town


9. Swim with turtles at Spotts Beach

It might be a bit tricky getting out Spotts Public Beach, but a day spent on this quiet little stretch of sand won't cost you a penny. It's perfect for escaping the crowds at Seven Mile, and if you bring a snorkel & mask, it's likely you'll spot a green sea turtle feeding on the grass in the shallow waters.

Spotts Beach_Cayman_Islands


10. Hike the Mastic Trail

If you love nature, the Mastic Trail in Frank Sound is a must visit when in the Cayman Islands. This windy walkway takes you through the mangrove swamps and two million year-old woodlands and you might spot some wildlife along the way.

*Although it is free to access, it is advised to take a tour with the National Trust.

Mastic Trail_Cayman Islands

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