How To Stay Fit On Your Caribbean Vacation

It's one of the best parts of being on vacation, eating your way around the island. Indulging in everything and anything you lay your greedy little eyes on, from street eats to gourmet, chocolate-lathered desserts - don't worry, we won't judge.

Here's a few tips on how to ward off that extra 5lbs of vacation fat that's just dying to attach itself to your waist.

Eat before the airport

Eat a big home-cooked meal before you hit the airport for your flight. That way you won't be tempted by the fast food options while you're waiting to board.


Pack some snacks

Pack some snacks with fruits, salad and nuts before you leave the house. That way if you get hungry on the plane or on your way to the hotel on the other side you'll be well equipped to handle the hunger pangs.


Don't skip breakfast

It's easy to want to lay in and make the most of not waking up to the overbearing, heart-breaking sound of your alarm clock when you're on vacation. If you do sneak in a few extra hours sleeping, make sure you don't skip breakfast, you may feel like you'll be saving on the calories but it will only make you hungrier throughout the day and more likely to crave the bad stuff.


Save some space for extras

You'll most likely be eating meals at your hotel or at restaurants throughout the day. As tempting as it is to fill up and over-order on the menu, save some space for some street-eats that will inevitably draw you in on your afternoon walks exploring.


Beware of the booze

In the Caribbean, yes the rum tastes phenomenal but try not to get carried away. The drinks tend to be stronger on the islands and come with sugary sodas which can quickly eat up your calorie allowance for the day. If you're going to drink, try ordering a vodka or white rum & coconut water and/or pineapple juice.


Get adventurous

There's so many ways to get active and get your heart pumping when you're vacationing in the Caribbean. When you've had enough of beach-bumming, why not rent some kayaks and go for a paddle in the waves, even strapping on a snorkel will burn off some of your lunch.

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Explore on foot or on a bike

Exploring on foot or on a bike is a great way to see the island, if you're on an island that's considered safe to leave the resort, rent a bike for the day or go for a stroll along the beach and watch the sunset - just pick up the pace a bit and it will do wonders.


How do you stay fit on vacation? Share in the comments section below.