5 Ways Coconut Oil Can Change Your Life



When I moved to the Cayman Islands, I came across a shocking truth - this Caribbean country, with coconut palms lining the shores, had mostly abandoned cooking with coconut oil and instead had turned to the modern conveniences of vegetable oil.

Why was this shocking? Because despite coconut oil being in harmony with traditional dishes, coconuts were being dumped and vegetable oils were stacked on the shelves of grocery stores and kitchen cupboards. 

I came to understand that accessibility and Westernization played a part in the diminished use of this tropical oil. With modern research claiming coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and warning people of the harms of highly- processed vegetable oils, I felt that there was no better time to educate and inspire people to re-embrace coconut oil than right now and here's why.

1. Increased metabolism rate

Coconut oil increases energy levels and enhances the function of the thyroid which helps turn fat into energy.

Coconut Oil_CaymanIslands


2. Protection from disease

Coconut oil enhances the absorption of very important disease-fighting nutrients like Omega 3’s found in fish, capsicum found in colorful hot peppers and cucurmin found in turmeric.

Coconut Oil_Caribbean


3. It will give your immune system a boost

Coconut oil keeps bacteria, viruses and fungi like candida in check and at the same time help keep a healthy level of good bacteria in our gut.


4. You'll have beautiful skin 

Coconut oil applied daily to the skin strengthens the connective tissues slowing wrinkling caused by aging. The beautiful skin of South East Asians, Polynesians and many in the Caribbean can be attribute to the application of coconut oil, a centuries old practice. 


5. It's dynamic 

Coconut oil gets two thumbs up regardless of who you’re hanging out with.  Among supporters of today’s eating “creeds” and “labels” —from paleotarian, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, raw foodists, crossfitters, yogis, etc.—there is one point on which they have reached complete agreement: coconut oil is amazing for your health.

Author: Tamer Soliman

Tamer Soliman_cayman

Tamer Soliman is a registered holistic nutritionist from Toronto living in the Cayman Islands. He, alongside filmmaker Rob Tyler, co -produced and directed the documentary "Bright Spot”  - a film about the the benefits of coconut oil and its significance to the island. You can rent the documentary on their Vimeo channel here from January 17th. 

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