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Why Jamaica?

A country pulsating with reggae rhythms, vibrant colours, swaying palm trees and streets lined with smokey jerk barrels - Jamaica, the reggae capital of the world needs no introduction. This island is simply one of the most soulful Caribbean countries, overflowing with natural beauty, infectious locals and juicy jerk. As if you need convincing further, so here's what you need to know for your trip to the land of reggae, rum and Rastas.

When to go

High season in Jamaica runs from January-March, with rooms costing up to more than US $700 a night, avoid the price hike and visit between October-December. Around this time temperatures are a little cooler and the beaches and resorts are quieter. You'll find cheaper prices during the summer months but you'll run the risk of getting caught in a storm during hurricane season ( June 1-Nov 30).

How to pack

In Jamaica you'll quickly catch on to the care-free beach-bum lifestyle. When it comes to packing, go for light, comfortable and classic. You can't go wrong with denim shorts and a lace, white crop.

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girl in a white top and denim shorts on the beach
Girl on the Beach walking away in a bikini

What to know

Currency: Jamaican dollar, but many places except US dollar.

Vendors: Jamaica is known for having beach vendors selling souvenirs along the beach, if you get approached it's not uncommon, if you're not firm, you may get roped into buying some art, crafts or coconuts.

Sun Protection: The Jamaican weather can be scorching hot, make sure to SPF up and protect your skin by lathering up or wearing a hat.

Language: Jamaicans speak Patois- broken English with a Caribbean twang. You'll hear phrases like 'everyting irie' for 'everything is alright' and 'ya mon' for 'yeah man'.

Bartering: Negotiate everything you buy on the street, it will be marked up at 'tourist prices' so you can always barter your way into getting a deal.


 1. Have brunch at Strawberry Hill, Kingston

2. Exchange wisdom with Rastafarians in Westmoorelands, Negril

3. Taste the Jerk in Boston, Portland

4. Jump into the Blue Hole in Orange Hills, Negril

5. Swim in the glowing waters near Montego Bay

6. Hike up Dunn's River Falls

Mamme Bay Beach
Boston Bay Beach, Portland
Frenchman's Cove Beach, Ocho Rios


Best Beaches

1. Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay

2. Boston Bay Beach, Port Antonio

3. Seven Mile Beach, Negril

4. Frenchman's Cove Beach, Portland

5. Mammee Bay Beach, Ocho Rios


How to book


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