10 Things You Didn't Know About Islanders

People may think islanders are laid-back sun-lovers who like to live life simply, but there's actually a lot of depth to these folks, that many don't know about.

1. They're pretty resourceful

Whether it's fishing, conching, or growing crops, islanders can fend for themselves really well.


2. Islanders can adapt easily in the workplace

You don't just have one job role on an island. You take on many responsibilities in a small market, getting great experience and learning new skills along the way.

3. They have a lot of patience

Waiting for mail, packages and even just waiting for your Subway sandwich, 'island time' teaches you to just kick back go with the flow.

4. Islanders can be very athletic

Islanders are always outdoors, sweating in the blistering heat builds up some impressive stamina. Even though sometimes it may not seem like it, they can run a good race when they have to.

Photo by deep blue images

5. Storytelling is a deep-rooted talent

It may go back to the old days of fishing and hanging out on the beach with nothing to do but tell stories, no one truly knows. Regardless, there's no denying the chronicles of an islander are fascinating.

6. Islanders are the friendliest people on earth

On a small rock, everyone knows everyone and for island folk, it's all part of the fun. Going to the grocery store is always a mini-reunion and it's in their DNA to be social.

7. Islanders love animals

It could be the simple fact that island dogs rule, either way, mutts, cats, birds and even some marine-life are an islanders' best friend.

8. Island folk love to cook & LOVE food

There's just something about living on an island that makes you an impeccable chef. Maybe it's access to fresh seafood and local ingredients but it seems everyone's mama has the 'best stewed conch on island'.

9. Islanders are protective of the environment

Islanders love nothing more that to keep the shores clean and the reefs pristine. For the tourists, the ocean and for themselves too.

10. They can (or think they can) handle their liquor

Rum on an island is pretty much obligatory and that builds up a good tolerance to liquor (for some). Not to mention the affinity for Sunday brunch on an island, happy hour, all-you-can-drink boat cruises and cocktail weeks.

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