Ayiti Natives Co. | Supporting Haiti's Poorest Communities

Founder, Caroline Sada.

Founder, Caroline Sada.

Social Entrepreneur and Haitian-American, Caroline Sada has found a way to combine health, beauty and philanthropy in her all natural, sweet-smelling and life-changing beauty products, Ayiti Natives Co.

Returning to her home country after the disastrous earthquake that killed almost a quarter of a million people in Haiti five years ago, this optimistic, humanitarian turned to nature to help struggling farmers who lives were shattered in the disaster.


These 100% pure natural soaps are hand-crafted by women in poor areas of Port-au-Prince, wrapped up in an eco-friendly bundle of recycled T-shirt scraps from local factories. Choose from an anti-fungal and anti-depressant Lemongrass soap, the 'Love soap' made with Amyris essential oils or the Toasted Coconut, with acne-reducing and skin-smoothing qualities.


Made only with products indigenous to Haiti, found everywhere from the vast mountains to the tops of the coconut trees, this collection of soaps and body oils leaves your skin feeling smooth and your soul nourished.

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