Incredible Caribbean Waterfalls You Need To Swim In

Gushing water gliding over rocky terraces into sparkling blue lagoons - waterfalls in the Caribbean are heart-achingly sublime and here are just a few we're swooning over. 


Delicate rivulets slide across huge boulders and crash into a natural, deep pool below at Belaine Falls in St. Vincent. Difficult to reach and fairly secluded, the only thing that will drown out the peaceful, sounds of nature is the roar of the tumbling water. Take a dip in the warm, volcanic waters and embrace the cool water sprays. 


Three separate, equally as majestic waterfalls make up Concord Falls in Grenada. Wade in the rock-enclosed freshwater or trek through a narrow path to the third and most stunning fall, Fountainbleu, thundering 65 feet over the cliff edge to form a fresh swimming hole.

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Exactly what is says it is, this waterfall, emerald green in colour is in hidden in the dense Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Cascading 50ft into an inviting natural swimming pool, this surreal, glistening flume is spectacular to look at. Go on a day with no cruise ships in port and you might have the place to yourself.

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A brilliantly blue and cave-like waterfall plunging from the heights to a deep milky pool below. You'll cross some Spanish ruins on your way to this natural wonder and then take a boat from Hidden Falls and cruise under the rushing waters. For the more daring, jump off the rocks or relish in a natural whirlpool.

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A narrow waterslide protected by moss-covered cliffs and lined with slippery rocks, this natural lagoon and its picture-perfect flume is lusciously warm to swim in and you feel like you're immersed in the jungle. To find it, you'll have to hike for a half-hour, but the trek is worth it.


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A bit of a tourist trap, but worth the trip if you don't mind holding hands with strangers to make it to the top. Dunn's river is a short trek through a peaceful, nature-filled forest down to a stretch of sand overlooking the greeny-blue Caribbean sea. From the bottom you'll see the rushes of the waterfalls and hear them roar as they gush to the depths below. It's a hike that needs shoes, stamina and a little bit of strength, but as the most famous falls on the island, it's a brilliant day trip.



Striking red, jagged rocks give this waterfall its signature rusty look. Deep in the Botanical Gardens, this peaceful retreat is formed from hot sulfur springs streaming downhill and falling magestically over the edge into the pretty lagoon below. Soak in the bath-tub warm mineral springs nearby, meander through the forest or simply marvel and the gorgeous flume in front of you.

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Jamaica is riddled with gorgeous flowing waterfalls just begging to be jumped in. Somerset, YS, Mayfield, Dunns and Reach Falls are well worth the visit. 

This off-the-beaten-path natural beauty has appeared in movies such as the remake of the Lord of the Flies and Cocktails and it's not hard to see why they make the cut for film sets in Hollywood.

Shaded by a lush forest, overflowing with ferns and on the John Crow Mountain Range, the rock-lined emerald pools below the rushing cool is so inviting, you'll be throwing yourself off the rocks into the jacuzzi-like water below. 

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A few miles from Peurto Plata is a set of waterfalls where crystal clear water streams down the sides of a steep and slippery rock face. One where you'll need a guide, helmet and a life vest, climb up the mountain through the mini blue lagoons and once you're at the top, you'll slide down with the water, gliding over the edge and drop into the pool below.


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The highest in Trinidad, the rock-rimmed pool invites you to swim 300ft beneath the rock edge and feel the spray from the cascading water penetrate your shoulders. Take a swim in the mint-green fresh lagoon or hike through the dense forest to catch a glimpse of the ocean for a spectacular photo op.

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These stunning falls in Cienfuegos, midway along the south coast in Cuba are framed by a thick, jungly national park. The falls lay beneath steep hills stretched along vast valleys and offer jumping off points for the adventurous. You'll be walking through the park for about 10 minutes before you reach the first fall, you'll see the white frothy water gushing down slippery rocks, turning to mist before reaching the bottom and forming this beautiful sight.

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