The Caribbean's Most Colourful Beaches

Boring beige isn't an option for these unusual Caribbean beaches, from the saffron shores in Nevis to the cotton-candy swirls in Barbuda, dig your toes in some of the most exquisite, multi-colored sands from around the islands.

1. PINK: Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

This pink delight is one of the most famous beaches in the Bahamas. Cool Caribbean waters and subtle, rose tints make this bay a fascinating stop-off in the out islands. Slather on some sunscreen, grab a lounger and forget all your worries.


2. BLACK: Hampstead Bay, Dominica

The backdrop for the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, this vast, soot-coloured beach, peppered with fallen coconuts and protected by rocky cliffs is an attraction for Dominica in itself. If you're lucky you may spot a Green Turtle, Hawksbill or Leatherback laying their eggs from April-June.



3. WHITE: Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

If you get up early enough, you can walk for miles on this famous Caribbean beach in the Cayman Islands and not see a soul. Gracing the pages of glossy travel magazines, this strip of gleaming white sand lives up to the hype. Drag yourself out of bed at sunrise, saunter along the shoreline and take in the vistas of the pastel sky reflecting on the glistening sea.

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4. MULTI-COLOURED: Shell Beach, St. Barths

With pops of purple, pink and a burnt sienna, this shell-filled beach, one of only a few in the world is well worth a visit. Dig your toes into the warm, crunchy shells on this phenomenal beach and watch the multi-hued sunset light glimmer and bounce off the shoreline.



5. SAFFRON: Pinneys Beach, Nevis

A rustic, popular beach that has smooth, saffron ribbons weaved in with golden strands of sand. Lined with swaying, tall palm trees with plenty of shade to shelter from the sweltering heat, a day at Pinney's Beach is one for the Caribbean bucket-list.


6. BLACK: Black Point Beach, St Vincent and the Grenadines

This palm-lined bay is slate black in colour and dotted with pretty pebbles. The striking black sand on this beach, with its frothy white waters kissing its shores has been a backdrop for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Now with its celebrity status, this coastline and it's charcoal sands is perfect for a secluded, peaceful walk while taking in the sea air.


7. PINK: Pink Beach, Barbuda

Rosy grains of sand swirl throughout this gorgeous beach, giving it a signature pink hue that's simply stunning to look at. Soft pink ribbons are scattered across these coloured planes and stretch for miles. Bring shoes as the sand can get pretty hot.

Barbuda_Pink Sand Beach

8. ASH GRAY: Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

This beach may not be everyone's top choice, typically white sands and turquoise waters are what's in hot demand when it comes to beaches, but this stretch of sparkling ash gray sand on the western coast is great for unique photo ops that aren't the standard postcard Caribbean pics you see plastered all over Instagram. Unconventional and magical at the same time, a trip to this beach is worth it.