Top Tips for Caribbean Travel This Summer

You've found a great hotel deal, flights are booked and you're picking out your beach-side vacation outfits - hold up. Yes, this is exciting times but you'll still want to be prepared for your trip to paradise, so here's a few pointers for you - straight from the pros.

Plan ahead

Don't leave it all to the last minute, as much as life can be thrilling when you live on the edge, this is not one of those moments. Make sure your passport is up-to-date, you have some local currency packed in your carry-on and you have made arrangements for an airport pick up to get to where you're going on the other side.


Don't forget the sunscreen

We get it, it's super exiting rummaging through your drawers and tossing all your new vacation clothes into your suitcase while humming along to the Beach Boys. Not to kill your vibe, but make sure you've packed sunscreen so you can stay protected under the hot Caribbean sun. Most islands will have places where you can buy lotion, but who wants to waste precious tanning time?

Top tips for Caribbean travel this summer


Don't over-pack

The islands are packed with trinkets, souvenirs, scrumptious rum cakes and duty free shopping you cannot simply resist. Pack light and focus on the essentials so you can save room for goodies.

Top tips for Caribbean Travel


Bring medication

Depending on which island you're heading to, health products may be hard to come across, especially if you're headed to a predominantly non-English speaking island. It's best to pack medication for stomach upsets, allergies, painkillers and for sun burn just in case. You don't want to be miming your symptoms down at the pharmacy while you're on vacation.


Budget for your trip

Make sure you account for the costs of your trip. In the summer it is low season in the Caribbean so generally hotel prices are a bit lower so you may want to bring a bit more cash to splurge on that dessert you really wanted or that tour you've been dreaming about. You can bring U.S cash as most islands accept this currency. Also make sure to double check your restaurant bill as gratuity is usually included.

Other handy tips

  • Drink bottled water. Most of the islands have adequate and safe drinking water, but it's best to drink water from a bottle rather than tap while traveling.
  • Bring along a foreign dictionary or phrase book - You'll be able to communicate better and locals will consider trying to speak in their language a means of goodwill and a gesture of respect. 
  • Bring a camera that's waterproof - a GoPro is a great option.