Edible Six Pack Rings Could Save The Ocean

Saltwater Brewing

You may have seen a post floating around on social media about edible 6 pack rings. If you haven't, well, at least you're seeing this one. That's what the people at Saltwater Brewery are hoping for. They need this product to receive as much attention as possible, because it's saving the lives of sea creatures, and arguably us. 

These 6 pack rings are actually made from biodegradable food products, like barley and wheat ribbons, that if eaten by sea turtles and other marine life it's completely harmless. The rings are as sturdy and functional as plastic rings, but cost a bit more to produce, so although you might pay a few bucks more for your 6 pack, you'll be making a positive impact on the environment. 

Save the ocean_Saltwater  Brewery
Edible Six Pack of beer

If you're old enough, you might remember going to fast food chains as a kid and being handed a tray full of food in styrofoam. After years of pressure from the public, changes were eventually made.

So spread the word and share this post. Because if Heineken, Carlsberg, SAB Miller and the other giants follow suit, one step at a time, the world might just become a better place. 

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