10 Things To Love About Cuba

 A country so vastly diverse, Cuba is not for those seeking flashy five star resorts and snazzy restaurants. Although they do exist, the true essence of Cuba, a country with a tumultuous and intriguing past, lies within the walls of its crumbling buildings, in the rhythm of its salsa dancers and woven into the worn tobacco leaves. Love it or hate, there's no denying Cuba is brilliantly unique.

1. Cigars

The island's iconic product, cigars from Cuba are notoriously wrapped in history, culture and mystique. A past-time for famous politicians and celebrities, puffing on a Cohiba or two in Cuba is cigar-smoking at its finest. 

2. Salsa

Throbbing, music-filled streets are the norm in this country and dancing to the Latino rhythms comes naturally to most Cubans. Dance Parejas ( with a partner ) or Suelto (solo) to the heavy salsa beats at one of the many clubs, bars or restaurants across the island.

photo credit: latinlife.co.uk

photo credit: latinlife.co.uk

3. Mojitos

The nations oldest drink, a blend of fresh mint leaves, lime, sugar, lemonade and white rum- Mojitos in Cuba just taste better. The mixture of refreshing citrus and subtle sweet tones make this minty, rum-infused drink a classic.

4. The Cuban Sandwhich

A meat-lover's dream, this famous sarnie is freshly baked, crusty Cuban bread packed with slices of ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard and then grilled. A classic Cuban dish and a must-try.

Cuban Sandwhich_Cuba

5. The Buildings

The timeworn, shabby buildings and busy streets form part of Cuba's robust culture and unmistakable charm. Catch a glimpse of the humble Havana lifestyle, lived out in the open, capture the mesmerizing colonial architecture and laundry-strewn facades.

6. The Chevys

These brightly-colored, beat-up 'Yank Tanks' peppered across Cuba's cobblestone streets are a photographer's dream. Visit the country's vibrant capital, Havana and you'll find yourself buried in a sea of these enchanting, old-time vintage cars.

7. The Art

Peer into homes-turned-art galleries on Havana's Calle Mercaderes. With a diverse cultural blend of European, South American and African cultures, the artwork in Cuba is exceptional. 

8. History

Colonization, revolution and invasions, the capital city of Cuba, Havana ( Habana) has a compelling 500-year old tale to tell. From pirates, gambling, political mayhem, there's no shortage of drama and intriguing history

9. The Diversity

In Cuba you'll find hand-rolled cigars, crumbling buildings, art-filled streets, vintage cars and picturesque beaches. For a country with such a tumultuous past, Cuba has so much on offer.

PHOTO CREDIT: bugbog.com

PHOTO CREDIT: bugbog.com

10. The People

Vivacious and friendly- Cubans are welcoming, helpful and proud to show off their country. Spend time in conversation with the locals and learn how they live, the history and traditions of this fascinating country. 

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